QR Code Check-In – No Hardware Needed! Enable Your Waiting Room Today!

Allow your clients and visitors to check in using their mobile phone.  Notifications are sent by SMS that someone is waiting. Simple and secure.

Try before you buy. Get a 7 day free trial.

Step It Up with an iPad Kiosk

Simple and Inexpensive.  Use Your Own Hardware with the TouchHealth app. Enable Your Waiting Room Today!

Simply Notified by SMS

When a visitor arrives, they enter their name and choose Send. You will be immediately receive a text notifying you they are there.  Private and secure.


Optional QR Code Check-In – No Hardware Needed!

Now, you can allow your patients to check in using their mobile phone. No need to have access to a kiosk. Patients and visitors can simply scan a QR code or enter a URL on their phone to be taken to your Virtual Reception screen.

There, they can let you know they are waiting without calling or even knowing phone numbers. Practitioners are notified by text that someone is waiting. Simple and secure.

Try before you buy. 7 day free trial.

Defund Your Waiting Room

Why waste precious staff time checking in patients? A TouchHealth V-Reception (“Virtual Reception”) patient kiosk or QR Code Checkin system  connects to a simple SMS notification system which sends a text message when a visitor is in the waiting room. Put your front desk person on more valuable projects!



We will source your hardware, set it all up and send it to you, ready to go! All you need to do is select your kiosk.

As Low as $3.75/mo Per Provider

Probably the most efficient solution on the market, V-Reception offers powerful functionality and a great price.

Secure by Design

Operates separately from other TouchHealth modules and only patient first names are used, so there is little concern for having a kiosk in your waiting room.
TouchHealth V-Reception in Action

Surprisingly Affordable without Sacrificing Functionality

If you choose to set up a kiosk, the TouchHealth kiosk app runs on any tablet (Apple iPad is preferred) and you have your choice from dozens of attractive locking kiosks on Amazon for $40-$100.*

Or, you can also simply go Touchless with no hardware and enable your system today!

Setup is quick and easy. We provide full step-by-step instructions in your TouchHealth account. You will also need to download the Free TouchHealth Virtual Reception app for your iPad – available in the App Store!

Pricing and Plans

No other TouchHealth subscription is required. V-Reception runs independently within the TouchHealth suite. See below for info on a 14-day free trial.

 $15/mo$30/mo(Contact Us)
Users Listed on the Kiosk (or Touchless System)*Up to 3Up to 8Unlimited
Additional Users$5$3.75n/a
Respond to Patient (optional) Enables a one touch acknowledgement from the provider.+$3.00/mo+$15/mo(Call or email for pricing)
Full Service Setup -
Let our professionals set up your kiosk for you.
$450 + the cost of the kiosk selected and iPad samesame (per kiosk)
Customer SupportEmail and phone, including form customization assistanceEmail and phone, including form customization assistanceEmail and phone, including form customization assistance

7-DAY FREE TRIAL. Your plan includes a 7 day free trial. Quit at any time within the first seven days and you will not be charged.

Start by Getting Your Free TouchHealth Account!

To create a V-Reception Kiosk in your waiting room, get started by creating a free TouchHealth account. Once you have an account, you can add the V-Reception feature from your Settings tab.